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Values and Beliefs


What do we believe…

We are an evangelical church. We believe the Bible to be God’s inspired word for us. We look to the Bible to discover the mind of God and therefore our life values. We believe in the great Biblical truth of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The atoning death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation by faith through God’s grace.


God calls us all to be concerned for our world, even though we are just passing through it.

Here at Riverlands we are concerned about such issues as social justice, poverty, freedom, equality and the environment.


We understand that the Bible does not draw distinctions between people’s spiritual and physical wellbeing, and we are committed to caring for both.


What are our values…



Demonstrate LOVE for God and others - Matt 22:37-39

Hold to INTEGRITY- personal wholeness in Christ - 1 John 1:8

Exhibit FAITH - obedient servants of God - Heb 11:1,6

Embrace the TRUTH - God's Word revealed in Scripture and His Son - Heb 4:12; 2 Tim 3:16; John 14:6


Reflecting God's character - Matt 7:7-8


What we do:

GLORIFY God through public and private worship.

GROW in faith through fellowship and equipping.

GIVE of ourselves through servanthood, community, mission,



How we do ministry:

Empower EVERY MEMBER to participate in ministry.

Build RELATIONSHIPS as first priority.

In community, with RELEVANCE

Involvement in ministry through EQUIPPING

Support through SMALL GROUPS

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