Millenials Ministry

A unique missionary opportunity to millennials requiring fresh energy and direction together with a patient, long term relational approach.
Our Vision

With a heart for the community, Riverlands wishes to support a new missional opportunity. The 2016 census revealed there are 600 people in the Longford area aged 15-30; only one of those is journeying with us. Riverlands is seeking a young couple/family to embark on a relational-based mission opportunity with a long-term vision/approach. The successful applicants will minister in the community without income from the church community, but with the provision of a rent-free home. Our hope and prayer is that through regular, long-term community connection, the family can assist in God’s mission. There is significant freedom to explore what this new ministry may look like and will largely be based on the gifts and skills of the successful applicants.

With the continued growth of Launceston, there is an expectation that Longford will undergo considerable growth over the next ten years. That means now is the ideal time to start something new.

The CHurch TOday

Established in 1881, the church community has a rich history of change and renewal. Despite a steady decline over recent years (largely due to the aging population), Riverlands is seeing renewed growth.

The facility was built in 2000 and the auditorium seats 250 people. There is a large kitchen and foyer, which is often hired for functions by community groups. The adjoining hall hosts a community-organised play group twice a week.

Look around the web site to see the various activities of the church and its ministries.

Age Demographic

  0-15 years               4              6.0%

15-29 years               1              1.5%

30-44 years               5              7.5%

45-59 years             14            20.9%

60-74 years             39            58.2%

  75 years+                4              6.0%

The Town

Longford is just 20 mins from the city of Launceston, in Northern Tasmania. Founded in the 1830s, it was once a pivotal stop for commuters around Tassie.
Longford is a regional/rural town of around 3000 people, predominately made up of farmers, lower-socio-economic families and retirees. Longford has its own public primary school and all the essential stores.


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